Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Windows 8 Impresses – A Quick Update on Windows 8 Consumer Preview & My Macbook Pro

So far I have been happy with Windows 8 Consumer preview. I have been running it on my Macbook Pro for a few days and have most of the kinks worked out. I got the webcam to work by installing the Unibrain Ubcore drivers. I even re-enabled a simplified “start button” today by following Preston Gralla’s posted instructions.
There are currently only two unsolved issues. For one, I can’t do a traditional right-click. I am forced to attempt the two-finger right-click. Another issue is my screen will go black, after a few minutes sitting idle, and will not wake up unless I either plug in the power cord, or unplug the cord (whatever is opposite to the configuration when it goes black).
Metro is growing on me. I have figured out how to pin, unpin and re-arrange the items on the “Start Page”. I am starting to link accounts now and see how that goes. One chagrin moment came when I was only allowed to add a limited number of my email addresses to my Windows Live account. Evidently you have to wait a week before adding more than five email accounts. Oh, one more issue with Live: I have three live accounts (domain name account, main account, and school mandated account), I wish I could sync all of the email accounts and permissions…
Until next time.

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